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Events have the strength to boost the commitment of your target audience. Sportizon is specialised in the development, organisation and production of tailor-made events, always with the purpose to offer the visitors the ultimate experience.

Companies or brands call upon Sportizon for their #Client events, #Brand events, #CSR-projects and #Event support. At this matter, Sportizon is highly appreciated for its flexibility, eye for details and personal approach. Get inspired by some cases.

Sportizon created over the years a lot of  own events that became important and national references within their domain. At these events, Sportizon creates a unique collaboration with its clients, regarding sponsoring opportunities and brand activations. View them here

Marketing is no longer about campaigns but all about conversations: getting in touch with your target audience by using the right content. Thanks to its specialisation, Sportizon is unique and strong in reaching an active target audience as it provides integrated marketing solutions, offline (field) and online (digital).

Brand activation: Sportizon activates your brand towards sports fans, active kids, young people, adults and families during their leisure time. Sportizon knows very well what goes on within these groups and what type of entertainment they are looking for. As such, Sportizon succeeds to fill in the promise which is proper to your brand. Sport is passion.

Sports marketing consultancy: Sportizon helps clients with their strategic questions regarding sports marketing. Objective sponsoring research, specific sponsoring analysis, ROI measures are tools to make the right decisions.

Advertising in sport: As sports is the number one leisure activity, it is the ideal platform for a marketing campaign. Our substantial network of sportcenters allows us to communicate your message in a non-mainstream medium. Displays, posters, scratch & wins, samplings, … are on-field actions which are successfully implemented for major clients.

Introducing new products or increasing our clients’ market share within the sport segment are the primary targets of Sportizon’s field sales activities.
Carefully selected sport canteens (football, tennis, hockey, sport complexes, fitness, wellness, …) are visited through different sales waves each year all over Belgium.

Sportizon sales campaigns are based upon specific clients’ objectives and quantified by a detailed post-visit analysis and reporting.
A team of local and experienced representatives, working evenings & weekends, is the key to our succes.

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A specific segment requires specific knowledge. The Sportizon team, as their customers, is passionate about sports. Thanks to our unique market knowledge and our extended network, Sportizon offers successful solutions. Our extensive experience in sports is the key to success by which companies or brands reach their targets. Discover some cases.


The youth culture is constantly in motion. Reaching active kids and young people requires a specific approach, because it is important to enter into, and to experience their living environment. Sportizon can rely on many years of expertise in reaching this target audience. As such, Sportizon is able to anticipate to their needs, lifestyle, habits, domains of interest and trends. Sportizon creates cool concepts allowing young people to become your fans. Get inspired by some of our cases.

Active Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle. Mens sana in corpore sano. Movement, good shape, healthy nutrition, … The different communities paying attention to these values are bigger than ever. It is within Sportizon’s DNA to study and to follow these groups with particular attention in order to anticipate to the needs of its clients.  Both on-field as digital, Sportizon assures the best approach to reach these active lifestyle consumers. View the cases.

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