AG Insurance Family Day

AG Insurance Family Day

As a real promoter of an active livestyle and sponsor of major sports federations, clubs and events, AG Insurance wanted to organize a unique sportive family event for all their employees in Belgium. A lot more than an internal open house day, this Family Day needed to be an opportunity for all employees and their families to experience the company in it’s most sportive way.

Sportizon was the ideal partner for creating and organizing this AG Insurance Family Day. On April 26th Sportizon turned the two buildings of AG Insurance’s headquarters in Brussels into one big sports venue. Meeting rooms, reception halls, the company restaurant, the garden and many other office locations were transformed.  In every venue employees and their families could practice a sport in its most fun way.  Via an urban trail they could also discover well-known and hidden places of both buildings. While practicing sports and discovering the headquarters they were able to meet famous Belgian athletes Kim Gevaert, Hans Van Alphen, Charline Van Snick and have a chat or selfie with them.

All participating employees and their families went home with a big smile on their faces. They discovered the AG insurance’s headquarters and the company’s true values in a fun and unforgettable way.  Mission accomplished!

  • Brussels
  • April 26th 2015

Client: AG Insurance