Lindemans Lambic Tour

Lindemans Lambic Tour

Lindemans has been brewing lambic beer in Vlezenbeek since 1822. Lambic is a typical type of beer for the Pajottenland region southwest of Brussels and for the capital itself, making this beer part of the cultural heritage of Brussels.

Lindemans asked Sportizon to create a bike event to reconnect with its history and the Brussels’ citizens with specific reference to the Belle Epoque, the most popular period for Lambic beer. In response, we created the Lindemans Lambic Tour, a beautiful bike ride connecting the brewery with the heart of Brussels. This tour took place on Car Free Sunday. Participants had the choice of starting in Vlezenbeek or at the Place Royale. The combination of the green character of Pajottenland and the relaxed atmosphere in a car free capital, made this a truly unique bike experience.

The famous Art nouveau architecture in Brussels with its graceful arches and elegant motifs catapulted all 800 participants back to the Belle Epoque. They enjoyed fresh air filled with wild yeast during their ride through the Pajottenland and finished with a refreshing lambic beer as the icing on the cake.

  • Brussels
  • September 18th 2016
  • Client: Lindemans
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