Olympic Moves

Olympic Moves

Olympic Moves and its partners have the mission to stimulate and promote the enthusiasm amongst as many teens (12-19y) as possible for sports. By letting them experience the fun of sporting together with their friends multiple moments per year. By offering various sports(programs) we keep them “warm” to continue doing sports. Olympic Moves is more than sports. Olympic Moves stands for a sports experience full of fun, fairplay and entertainment.

Olympic Moves ‘the school sports competition’ program consists of 3 key moments: initiations at school, 5 regional qualifications and a national final at the King Baudouin Stadium. The school teams are able to compete in 3 different sports: soccer, athletics and softball. With 105 subscribed schools, 164 teams & more than 15.000 participating students between the age of 12 and 14 the first year of Olympic Moves was a big success.

– Where: all over Belgium
– When: January – May
– Client: Coca-Cola

Finale Olympic Moves